Friday, November 25, 2011

Market Working to Worst Thanksgiving Week since 1932

After I wrote my piece this morning, futures started jumping - no reason other than we're going to have our good holiday trade one way or the other gosh darnit.  Damn the Italians.  We're in the green right now but really the action today is inconsequential other than to make sure this is the not the worst Thanksgiving week since the good ole days of 1932.  I knew it had been a rough week but once more we're seeing 'historic' action - October historic to the upside, this week historic to the downside. The A.D.D. market continues.  Risk on, risk off..... herd of lemmings to the right, herd of lemmings to the left.... completely correlated markets for all.

Thankfully football starts in 2 hours.

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