Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Has Not Been Kind to BRIC Nations

Interesting day - as I type this the S&P 500 has just about given up the entire gap up rally....

While the U.S. market (with the help of the orphaned dollar) has already hit most Wall Street strategists' year end price targets (1350-1375), the story has not been so good for the much loved BRIC nations.  India started the year in horrible fashion, has rebounded somewhat, but is straining under a series of interest rate hikes to contain rampant inflation.  China is more or less where it started - it fumbled to start the year, rallied sharply for a few months, but has been busy giving that all back the past 3 weeks.   Russia was the star of the group as its a de facto "oil trade" for HAL9000.... until the past month.  While still up for the year, it's given back much of its gains.  Brazil?  Pretty horrid - just broke a double bottom.  Not sure if this is an implication of a slowdown in exports to China or what is going on, but it's not pretty.  It sure looks like institutions also are treating Brazil as nothing but another de facto commodity trade.






On the other hand, while not part of the BRICs, my little gem Indonesia has had a stellar 2011 after faltering late in 2010.  I'll repeat it again - it's time for iBRIC.


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