Sunday, January 30, 2011

[Video] Bank Bailouts Explained by the Cartoon Bears

From the guys who brought us 'Quantitative Easing Explained" Comes Bank Bailouts Explained.  While not quite as funny as the QE explained video, we do get introduced to some new characters over and above The Bernank such as The Timothy Geethner, and some new terms such as Tarpee.

One item they should have added when discussing The John Thain (who is not named in the video), is that in addition to his $70,000 desk he had a $87,000 area rug to work on.   [Jan 22, 2009: Merrill Lynch's Thain Can Only Work on $87,000 Rugs]  I am not sure how you office drones out there work on commercial carpet, and $200 desks - your productivity must be awful.  But that's why you are not a banking CEO ;)

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