Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on New Website

Preface: nothing easy in life.

The new website is mostly developed now and needs some last portions of content filling that should be done by end of week and ready to go.  However, unlike the normal world where I can operate with my own free will, everything in the mutual fund world falls under a regulator.  Hence everything must be reviewed, I get smacked around for pushing the envelope, and then it is ok'd (or I'm told to talk to the hand).  The website falls under another regulator (not the SEC) so next week I am hoping to get it reviewed.  No idea on turnaround time of review but hopefully something reasonable. It will be 'beta' because of course the documents (applications, prospectus) won't be there (and hence their links will lead to nowhere) but the structure and content will be all intact.  So I'd love to have that ready to go by the end of next week - but as with many things nowadays, I only control part of the process.

That's the easy part of the website - I call it the 'static' part of the website because it won't change.  The hard part is the commentary ("blog") which has more contentious issues.  I'll be having an in depth conversation on this portion of the website next week with various parties to see what can be accomplished.  At this point everything I would bring to the website via commentary would (identical to the static portion of the website) need to be approved by a 3rd party to make sure I don't break a rule.   Since I am a 1 person shop I don't have someone in house who can do the vetting and hence be responsible to the regulator gods (the person who writes the content can't be responsible for review per the rules apparently), so it needs to be outsourced.  That complicates things both from a timing and cost structure.  Those will be the discussions I will be having next week - seeing what is viable and cost effective.   I do know it is possible as I finally found a big fund shop that sort of does what I want to do - see American Century Investments blog. They seem to be the only "big name" doing anything of the sort, but at least I have a model to say "it is doable".  [Someone like Hussman funds does a weekly commentary but not that well known]

Anyhow that is the update on that project, one of many concurrently running.  In the near term I'll still be ending the portfolio tracking Dec 3rd, but I might keep commentary on this webpage for a few weeks after until I come to a solution (if there is a solution) on the new website's "blog".   But for the static portion of the new website, I hope to get that approved and launched officially by end of next week - regulator willing.

May the regulator be with you.


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