Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bookkeeping: Covered Texas Instruments (TXN) Short in Error

After the bell I realized I lost my Texas Instruments (TXN) short in error.  Yesterday I shorted a 2nd half of the position that I had covered for a gain the previous Friday.  This brought my cost basis up to around $24.15.  Unfortunately rather than putting a stop loss to cover at $24.60 I put a limit order in to cover at that price and obviously it was sold... in the $24.40s.  Not a huge dollar loss or anything but just putting it out there for transparency sake since I might go right back to shorting it.

Tale of 2 cities in exponential v simple - need to remind myself to look at both

Based on the action today and if the stock remains below this $23.60 level I'll consider restarting the position.

No position


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