Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HAL9000 Blesses Deere (DE)

The non stop breakouts continue... Deere (DE) is the latest to go as HAL9000 finally rushes in after a break over the all important $60 level.  One day that gap at $53s is certain to fill but at the current pace of non stop rally perhaps we're talking the crash of 2014.

I am very torn on whether to participate on this type of breakout; I can buy with a stop loss below $60 which is where the breakout came from.  This is the same exact trade I do on indexes each time they break to a new level.  I know this is what HAL9000 and its peers in the human world are doing en masse.  So it will work.  Until it doesn't.  But will every obvious trade just continue to work ad nauseum?  Sort of living in an Alice in Wonderland market...

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