Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tim Geithner Under Fire (Videos)

Rough day at the office for Tim Geithner

2 very interesting videos - whatever side of the aisle you are on, it sure is interesting to watch.  Please note, I did NOT write these titles for the videos - they are from the youtube user.

I have never seen Geithner so agitated... I almost felt sorry for him.  Almost.  Then I remembered who was the head of the New York Fed the past few years.  Frankly it sounds like the stuff you hear on the playground in 4th grade ... but I must admit, highly entertaining.

Video 1 - Congressman asking Tim to resign (6 minutes, you can skip right to minute 2 where the fun begins)
  • Republicans “gave this president an economy falling off the cliff,” Geithner told Representative Kevin Brady of Texas as the two men interrupted each other during a hearing today. “I can’t take responsibility for the legacy of crises you bequeathed the country.” 
  • The “worst financial crisis in generations” happened after “almost a decade, certainly eight years, of basic neglect of basic public goods, in health care, in education, in public infrastructure, in how we use energy,” Geithner said.

Video 2 - an interesting "he said, she said, he blames, she blames" (6 minutes)
  • Another Republican on the panel, Representative Michael Burgess of Texas, told Geithner that he disagreed with Brady.   “I don’t think you should be fired,” Burgess told Geithner. “I thought you should have never been hired.”

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