Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fund My Mutual Fund Most Popular Posts of Last Month

Many readers of the blog simply sign up for the daily email, so I thought I'd make a list of the most read posts of the past month - we do have a list of these weekly in the right margin on the blog itself.

It is actually always intriguing to see what catches the readers eyes since I put out so much content. If you missed any of these or are a newer read you can see what others are most interested in.

"Pundit" Posts
  1. Peter Schiff on the Daily Show
  2. Holy Jeff Macke
  3. John Paulson Continues to Pile Into Gold; George Soros Sells some Petrobras (PBR) & Potash (POT)
  4. Daniel Shaffer Notices the "Invisible Hand" aka Plunge Protection Team
  5. Jim Rogers Agrees with Marc Faber
  6. Louise Yamada: 2000s Uncanny Resemblance to 1930s; David Rosenberg - Worst to First Unsustainable
  7. Fareed Zakaria with Michael Lewis

Mark's Posts

  1. The Market in ETFs
  2. Indonesia - A Must Own Emerging Market
  3. Why I Use Exponential Moving Average
  4. How is China Spending their Stimulus; and How Many Loans Will Go Bad?
  5. The Economist - Outsourcing's 3rd Wave, Buying Farmland
  6. Market Vectors Brazil Small Cap ETF (BRF): A New ETF for Exposure to Brazil
  7. Commodities - It's China's World, the Rest of Us Just Live in It

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