Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Year to Date Returns by Country: Go Peru!

Bespoke Investment Group has year to date returns of global indices - with India's massive surge Monday it has joined R and C in the BRIC countries... B(razil) is the laggard of the four at "only" 30% YTD. Even more amazingly, just about every index globally was down (by a lot) through early March. Taiwan surged a few weeks ago as China announced it would allow direct investment there. Indonesia is an interesting story as well, and I'll have a guest poster talk about that country and ways to play later this week.

Of the G-7 countries, Canada has been the best performer with a very nice 12.9%, but the other 6 have not been very impressive. Canada has natural resources (back in vogue), a balanced budget, very low interest rates, and a financial system that did not follow in the excesses of our oligarchs.

As for America (worst of the G7) - we cling to our rightful place with chants of "At least we're not Costa Rica!" It's been one hectic rollercoaster to return 1% YTD. 40 more years like this and we can make up 2008's losses ;)

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