Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Interesting/Happy Videos

It's quite dour out there so I'm on the look out for either "neutral" informational type stories, or "feel good stories" to help balance what I am forced to talk about (reality) 98% of the time. Below are some interesting videos I found... (unless noted most are 2 minutes long i.e. the apparent attention span of mainstream American)

CBS News: Creating White Collar Work - Over a million white collar jobs are expected to be created by the new stimulus plan, which could provide a significant boost to the nation?s weakening economy.

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Did You Know? (Hat tip to Todd Sullivan) I'm an information hog so this sort of thing fascinates me (5 minutes)

NBC News: From Migrant Work Camps to Medical Schools

CBS News: Invasion of the Squids - The population of the Humboldt Squid, which has 6-feet-long tentacles and weighs up to 100 pounds, has soared along the California coast line.

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NBC News: Beijing Goes Bust Post Olympics (ok not a happy story but interesting)

CBS News: Virtual Realty - Just as some individuals find dates online, some homeowners are now turning to the web as a means of trading real estate. (cool!)

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NBC News: Depending on Man's Best Friend (Service Dogs, not Guide Dogs - amazing!)

CBS News: Cleaning Up Toxic Assets - There's a radical idea that may be the solution to cleaning up the mortgage mess. As Anthony Mason reports, some investors are buying the toxic home mortgages banks are actively looking to unload.

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NBC News: America's Pastime Welcomes Unlikely Rookies (American Idol meets Baseball meets India)

CBS News: Chutes and Ladders - A new office building in northern England is offering a way to keep spirits up in tough economic times. As Mark Phillips reports, there's no need for an elevator when you can take the slide.

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CBS News: Congress Tunes into Twitter - While the words 'hip' or 'hi-tech' may not come to mind when thinking of the U.S. Congress, many politicians are now reaching out to new technology such as Twitter.

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CBS News: North Dakota Economy Booming - Sparsely populated North Dakota may not seem like an ideal moving destination to some but, as Priya David reports, there are many jobs available there in one of the bright spots of the economy.

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ABC News is still in the early 2000s - so I cannot embed any of their videos....

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