Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barrack Obama: Buy Stocks; Jim Cramer: Stop it Obama!

This is all starting to get surreal - I feel like a fiction writer nowadays. Now that President Obama has destroyed the payday lenders and much of the healthcare sector I am wondering if he finds value in those sectors. I am hoping he starts a stock blog so I can pick up some specific tips...

[45 seconds]

Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary responds to Barrack's comments plus Jim Cramer (yes I'm serious) [3 minutes]

Gibbs was responding to Jim Cramer's comments on the Today Show [4 minutes]

p.s. Watching CNBC's Erin Burnett saying "We've been telling the country to face reality" is probably the height of hypocrisy. Was that before they put the pom poms down or after? Classic revisionist history. Goldilocks economy anyone? Mustard seeds? Was it after the hundreds of "bottom is in" calls? Or "this bailout will turn it around" - I keep missing where they told us to face reality. Maybe in the 2-3 AM time slot. On the plus side Erin finds cheer that Americans are not so poor they can no longer buy shoes from Walmart (WMT). Excellent news.

Erin is apparently of the viewpoint I have been hearing a lot that the media is at fault for much of this... if they only talked positively many of our problem would dissipate - because after all confidence can buy new homes and cars. (along with shoes ex-Walmart). Cramer is the far sounder voice here and if only he kept his suit jacket on at all times (he only wears it on more serious shows) we'd love to hear a lot more of him. *This* version of Cramer is actually helpful. (although Robert Gibbs doesn't think so!)

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