Monday, February 9, 2009

Bookkkeping: Covering Netflix (NFLX)

I have 3 primary individual short positions that were bets against "gap ups" in the charts; effectively these are bets against companies either (a) doing well or (b) part of Obama hype. Usually for these gaps to fill you need a flat to downward market which obviously we did not get last week.

Some of the names I want to short for fundamental reasons are perking up on the latest round of hope so I'd like to soon transition into names I don't like for fundamental reasons over these names - but I wanted a hedge in the meantime.

One of the 3 names I have is Netflix (NFLX) and I still like the "gap" fill but I still have a small profit on this name so I am going to lock it in, with all the "news" risk we have in the next few days. Translated: I am sort of chickening out because I fear Washington D.C. putting the hammer on me. Specific to Netflix I still like the set up but would like to jump back in once the stock broke back below $35....

We started this with a 3.3% stake at $37 [Feb 2: Bookkeeping-Short Netflix]; I cut a few portions out last week as the stock went sideways for small profit, and the rest (1.9%) is going out here at $36.10s for a small profit.

Covered a bit of (AMZN) and Geron (GERN) this morning as well, as both are "happy" looking stocks (stronger than NFLX) just in case the market takes off for the 3rd time on the exact same news.

Short, Geron in fund; no personal position

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