Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bookkeeping: Adding Back to (BIDU)

I've had a lot of luck with (BIDU) this past year and a half - it's been tremendously volatile but I've been out of the stock during most of its major swoons and caught some excellent upswings. Lately we reentered the name around $115 [Nov 20: Bookkeeping: Restarting] - and within a week we took a good amount of profits out (+17%) as the stock jumped to near $140 [Nov 26: Bookkeeping: Cutting, Closing Joy Global] and I'm going to press my luck with it and rebuy the position we took out on the 26th here at $111. (so we are rebuying 19% lower than we sold) I'm hoping this is a double bottom - if the name breaks down below $104 or so I'll head for the exits. On the upside any move back to where we sold it last time around will be more than enough ($130-$140 or 17-26%)

Taking back from 0.9% stake to 2.3% stake.

And that is what "investing" is nowadays.

Long in fund and personal account

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