Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What a Day!

Well as a fake fund manager you just hope for days like today; took some serious hits yesterday on the solar exposure, fund was down 2% - blech

Today top long holdings:
#1 BCSI +9.3%
#2 LDK +10.4% (I didn't realized I had bought so much, since the price was depressed, this went from below 4% to >5% holding just by price appreciation alone)
#3 TSL +0.40% (slacker)
#4 CIEN +0.60% (that's ok, you had a huge run in past 2 weeks, need some rest)
#5 MOS +7.7%
#6 CNX +2.8%
#7 BTU +4.3%

Not bad in a quiet tape and that darn Garmin (GRMN) looks like she wants to get back to $120, doesn't she? I took a bit off the table since I didn't want to be greedy since its had a heck of a nice bounce but still have a 2.5% position.

I updated the fund positions in the far right margin since the price appreciation/new additions in some of these names have moved the positions around significantly. I still think the majority of the LDK Solar move will come when the 3rd party auditor report hits, which at this point sounds like end of this week/beginning next week. I will be looking to unload some of it up around $50.

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