Monday, December 17, 2012

FMMF Feed Migrating over to StockTradingToGo

FMMF Readers,

Starting as early as tomorrow (Dec 18th 2012) FMMF RSS subscribers will start receiving daily market recaps from StockTradingToGo.

With Mark now blogging over at a new blog and site to comply with SEC regulations, the FMMF readership (ie all of us) have sadly sat stagnant for the last year.

After several discussions, Mark agreed to sell the FMMF readership to StockTradingToGo in August, paving the way to receiving fresh, daily, and most importantly free quality content once again.

StockTradingToGo is one of the largest investing blogs currently on the web with over 14,000 subscribers as I write this post. The site specializes in providing to the point, daily market recaps.

Our parent company, Reink Media Group, also owns and operates,, and a variety of other investing specific websites.

If you start receiving daily market recaps from StockTradingToGo and decide you do not want them, no problem at all, just unsubscribe from the feed. Any questions at all can be sent my way.

Thank you and enjoy the new content.

Happy Trading,

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