Sunday, November 27, 2011

Futures Up Big on Italy 'Rescue'

Futures up big on Greek rescue, futures up big on Irish rescue, futures up big on Portugal rescue, futures up big on on 1.4T ESFS package, futures up big on Italian government change, futures up big on Greece government change, futures up big on IMF rescue of Italy.  Winner winner, chicken dinner .... notice a pattern?

Stock Futures


DJIA INDEX11,349.00162.0011,333.0011,355.0011,321.0020:01
S&P 5001,175.0021.601,172.001,176.201,170.0020:01
NASDAQ 1002,186.0038.502,173.752,186.002,173.7520:01
S&P/TSX 60650.500.30643.20653.80643.2011/25
MEX BOLSA34,666.00-775.0035,445.0035,715.0034,545.0011/25

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