Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awesome Post by Ritholtz

I've written similar posts (calling it a Corporate Plutocracy or Oligarchy) but sometimes other people are far more eloquent than I am.... this morning Barry Ritholtz (who essentially is the 'godfather' of financial blogging) wrote a doozy - The U.S. is a Corporate Monarchy

I did an interview with a print reporter yesterday about what has been going on with lack of prosecutions, the banks, and Wall Street in general. We discussed the corrupt exchanges and HFT.

I dropped lots of F-Bombs, called out cowards and crooks and held nothing back. (“That $%$%#@ belongs in prison; this son of a @&*^% should hang“)

Afterwards, she commented that I seemed angry.

I wrote back suggesting that I am a happy dude, and its not Anger — its closer to an ineffable sadness that comes once you realize you have lost something dear. I am old enough to have grown up when this nation was a Democracy, but that era has passed. We now live in a nation no longer run by the citizens — it is aCorporatocracy — and that makes me sadder than angry . . .

She suggests perhaps a better word is outraged.

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