Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Video] Extended Hugh Hendry Interview

After a long absence from public view we finally located the very acerbic Hugh Hendry at the end of last month [Sep 28, 2011: The Mystery of Where Hugh Hendry Went is Solved]  Apparently he had hired a CEO, and moved himself 'down' to CIO, and was told to stay out of the public eye.  So go forward there won't be much Hendry (sad face).

A reader found this series of videos from something called 'The Alternative Investments Conference'.  Actually a pretty high profile event based on the type of attendees the past few years.  It looks like this interview was in January 2011 - before Hugh was told to go underground!  Unfortunately, there is no one else on the stage with Hugh other than the host, and Hendry usually is at his most menacing when he has a foil to play off of.  That said, it's a 1 on 1 interview with some interesting takeaways just from the first video alone (that's as far as I've gotten thus far).  And he has a good host to work with as he opened with this salvo: "And Hugh, I'd like to keep this moving pretty quickly, so let's kind of target one minute maximum per answer and save the speeches for the politicians."  To which Hugh let out a deep sigh... haha.

Video 5 is a Q&A with audience

It's about 50 minutes in all, so probably evening viewing for most.

Video 1

Hugh Hendry at LSE AIC 15 - I should be... by ChineseCentralTV

Video 2

Hugh Hendry at LSE AIC 25 - spending money... by ChineseCentralTV

Video 3

Hugh Hendry at LSE AIC 35 - the Yen could... by ChineseCentralTV

Video 4

Hugh Hendry at LSE AIC 45 - You have no chance... by ChineseCentralTV

Video 5

Hugh Hendry at LSE AIC 55 - I work.... by ChineseCentralTV

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