Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That Just About Summarizes It

Since Josh at the Reformed Broker often links to us, I should return the favor every so often.  His post this morning, titled 'Season of the Witch' is a worthy submission, which summarizes very nicely the state of global affairs. Worth a read.

And as October 2011 begins, we find ourselves at the very nearest to the World of the Dead that we've been since the darkest days of the crash.

There is little separating us from the outright deflationary hell-cycle that monetary policy and optimism had staved off for so long.  The Celtics dressed in costumes on Samhain in the hopes that the evil spirits they feared might not recognize them that night...given our current economic condition, I'm not sure that disguising in costumes would quite do the trick.

The veil between recovery and recession has never been thinner and all the old ghosts of the past have returned to haunt us once again, some of them almost exact replicas of their prior incarnations.


Also check out Doug Kass' 10 Questions for the Bulls'

This week, I will ask 10 questions to both the bulls and the bears, the answers to which will help us determine the outlook for equities over the balance of the year and into 2012.  Today I will start by asking 10 questions to be addressed to bullish investors. (Later in the week, I will get to the bears.)

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