Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mother Jones - Who Are the 1%?

Some interesting graphs from Mother Jones, as the world gets peeved at "the 1%".  As for myself, I hope most of my readers are in the top 1% ;)  While graph 3 gets most of the attention, I think graph 2 might be the longer term issue - at current trends, in a few generations just about all the country's wealth will be in a relatively tiny amount of hands. 

Even though the richest 1 percent of Americans don't all work on Wall Street, they do control a disproportionate amount of its wealth, including nearly half of all stocks and mutual funds and more than 60 percent of securities.

But you can't beat this chart for the most dramatic measure of just how wide the gap between the tippy-top and the 99 percent has become. While incomes for the superrich have skyrocketed in the past three decades, most Americans' have flatlined. 

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