Friday, October 7, 2011

Marketfolly: Hedge Fund Performance Figures for September and YTD

Hedge funds a whole had a quite rotten September, and quarter - indeed the worst quarter since 2008.  That said, as a whole they outperformed the general market (while mostly underperforming to the upside the past few years)
  • For hedge funds around the world, the average loss was 5.02 percent in the three months ended Sept. 28, according to Hedge Fund Monitor, a report compiled by analysts with Bank of America. Not since the third quarter of 2008, when the global financial system ground to a halt and hedge funds posted an average decline of 9.48 percent, has the $2 trillion industry performed so poorly.
  • Last month, managers who specialize in going long and short on stocks were hit particularly hard, with those hedge funds registering an average decline of 4.76 percent. Firms that focus on going long and short on stocks saw declines of 10.89 percent this past quarter.  Traditional long/short funds make bets on some stocks rising and other falling.

Marketfolly has a nice breakdown of a lot of the major hedge funds performance for both September and year to date.  Go there for the full list, but I'll pull over a few names better known, or that I follow more closely.

Lee Ainslie's Maverick Capital: Maverick Fund $1 billion
-7.91% in Sept, -16.92% ytd

Andreas Halvorsen's Viking Global
: Equities III Fund $1.6 billion
-2.19% in Sept, +0.70% ytd

Leon Cooperman's Omega Advisors: $1 billion Overseas Partners
-7.58% in Sept, -12.36% ytd

Jim Simons' Renaissance Technologies
: Institutional Equities $240 million
+0.76% in Sept, +24.37% ytd

David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital
: $7.2 billion
-0.76% in Sept, -6.16% ytd

John Thaler's JAT Capital: $1.4 billion
-3.2% in September, +30.68% ytd

Bill Ackman's Pershing Square Capital Management: $5.1 billion fund AUM, $8.8 billion firm AUM
-5.7% net in September, -15.8% year-to-date

John Paulson's Paulson & Co
Advantage Fund -6% in September, -28% ytd

Paul Tudor Jones' Tudor Investment Corp: $8.3 billion fund AUM
+4.9% in Sept, +5.45% ytd (BVI Global Fund)

Bruce Kovner's Caxton Associates: $6.8 billion fund AUM
+0.28% ytd through September 30th (Limited Fund ran by Andrew Law)

Louis Bacon's Moore Capital Management: $7.6 billion fund AUM
-1.64% ytd through September 29th

Brevan Howard (Flagship Fund): $24.3 billion fund AUM
+12.98% ytd as of September 23rd (run by Alan Howard)

Whitney Tilson's T2 Partners
-9.5% in September, -29.6% year-to-date

(as a side note, I went to go look at John Thaler's holdings - and he very much delves into very much the same stocks I do - of course we cannot see his short book, since it is not required to be disclosed to the SEC)

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