Monday, October 10, 2011

Like Clockwork...1188

That did not take long... we are already seeing a 1188 print on the S&P 500 as of 10:22 AM.  This is now a 10% move from late Tuesday afternoon (3 PMish) when the S&P hit 1080, and that news report hit on about a plan for a plan for recapitalizing the European banks.

Certainly the mood has taken a 180 degree turn, but chasing 10% up (in 4 sessions) does not appear to be an awesome risk/reward scenario.   From here, if the index breaks above and closes over say 1190 you have a new range (part of the old range in fact) to look at which is essentially 1188 to 1225.

As stated for the past few months, one would like to see a break back over the 200 day moving average to get a lot more constructive.  We are talking 1240 minimum.

I am not sure how many more days we can rally on essentially the same news - it's been 4 of of the past 5.  We get it - the private debts of Europe will be transferred and backstopped by the public ala USA.  The Paulson / Geithner ethos has won - party on Beavis.

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