Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amazing Apple (AAPL) Fact of the Day -

Regular readers know I rarely touch on Apple (AAPL) because frankly there is not much to say - amazing company, in the right spot, visionary, blah blah.  A lot of blogs write incessantly about the company to drive traffic - I only do that once a quarter, haha.

Amazing Apple fact of the day:

Someone just noted on twitter Apple has $81.6B in cash.

To put that in perspective, per finviz.com's screener, there are only 62 publicly listed companies on U.S. exchanges with a MARKET CAP over $81.6B.

Just staggering.  Apple's cash hoard alone would be the 63rd largest company market cap on U.S exchanges.  Perhaps Apple will be invited to participate in the ESFS!

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