Sunday, September 25, 2011

[Video] Austan Goolsbee, Mohamed El-Erian, and Chrystia Freeland on ABC's This Week

A decent roundtable here on this morning's This Week - considering the caliber of participants - especially El-Erian and Freeland, I was a bit disappointed with the discussion.  Goolsbee, who used to make a lot of sense when he did guest appearances on CNBC 3-4 years ago, is fresh off his stint at the White House and offers nothing substantial other than (in so many words) "we can't do anything about the global situation except focus on U.S. growth".  George Will offers the typical right leaning fare you'd expect.  Freeland, who I enjoy most of the time, seemed a bit alarmist at the beginning but eventually became more interesting.  El-Erian was the only one who really shined...

13 minute video - email readers will need to come to site to view

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