Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starting to Get those Calls and Emails

I'm starting to get those calls and emails from people who barely watch the market, saying "what's going on???!!"

Generally that's a positive sign ;) as are the traffic spikes on the blog.

Tomorrow will be so interesting with the employment report.  Anything like 150K jobs should send this market in a tizzy upward!  That said, with 35 minutes to go the close is looking poor - finishing near or at the lows of the days..... therefore only riverboat gamblers should be the only ones going long.  Unless one of those hockey sticks shows up in the last moments.

p.s. WSJ reporter went on CNBC about 40 minutes ago speaking tales of QE3... which was why we had the rally from 1213ish to 1222. ;)

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