Thursday, July 21, 2011

UBS Rolls Out 1x, 2x Internet IPO ETNs - EIPO, EIPL

Step by step we're getting closer to mimicking the NASDAQ 99 era, although in a much narrower group of companies.  The next wave taking us closer is the type of ETFs/ETNs we are seeing such as what UBS has just rolled out, both a straight forward, and double leverage Interent IPO ETN.

While I suppose this is an easy way to play a lot high beta stocks in 1 instrument, I assume its really going to act almost as a levered play on the NASDAQ.  When "risk is on" it will outperform, and when "risk is off" underperform.

Now if they could ever come up with a product that gets me access to IPOs of the 'hot stocks' before they come public... call me.


The UBS Internet IPO Index (NYSE ticker symbol "NETIPO") is intended to measure, on a total-return basis, the performance of a subset of Internet companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange or The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. that satisfy specified market capitalization and other eligibility requirements (the "Index Constituents"). The Index provides exposure specifically to those Internet companies that have been publicly traded for less than three years. 

Fact sheet here: 0.65% expense ratio

Top holdings

10% each: LNKD, AWAY, YNDX, RAX

Then P (9.6%),  RENN (9.2%), OPEN (6.5%), ACOM (6%)....

No positions

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