Friday, July 1, 2011

Key ETF Performance First Half 2011

Courtesy of Bespoke we have the performances of the major ETFs during the first half of 2011 broken out in a nice format.

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In terms of size, for U.S. markets midcaps (my favorite sector) continue to dominate although small caps did well too.  Growth continued to dominate over value.

In currency, the euro is having a great year despite all the turmoil in sovereign debt... this is a direct relation to the damage Bernanke is doing to the American saver.  Interest rate differentials and QEinfinity continue to punish Americans.

By sector, healthcare was the surprising big winner, and financials continue the upteempth quarter of being a dog.

Globally, while there is no surprise in the fantastic performance of the German market, the outperformance of France has me scratching my head.  Italy is also interesting considering they seem to be next in the corsshairs behind Spain in terms of sovereign debt.  India and Brazil continue to struggle.

Silver obviously was the star in the major commodities, although 2 months ago the outperformance was of a far better magnitude.

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