Friday, March 25, 2011

Sina (SINA) - Another Breakout

I've been pounding the table pretty relentlessly on Sina (SINA) since late last year, and it continues to sparkle and amaze.  I thought the stock was finally going to come back to earth in late February after it broke some key supports, but it pulled off a fantastic stick save.  During the Japan selloff it barely blinked, only falling to the 20 day... and since then, off to the races. 

This shows a good example of what to look for (technically) for those looking for new ideas - during any material selloff, try to find the stocks that are holding up the best - they tend to be the leaders out of the gate during the next move up.  We saw less than 30% of stocks were holding their 50 day moving average at the depths of the selloff middle of  last week - yet SINA did not even break its 20 day.  That's relative strength.

SINA has definitely become one of the new leadership stocks taking the mantle from the F5 Networks (FFIV) and Riverbed's (RVBD) of the world.  Starting to hear some talk the past two weeks about something I've proposed - that is a spin off of Weibo into its own IPO.  (something Ebay should have done with Paypal years ago!)  Seems more like a 2012 event for any potential IPO, not 2011, but just the conversation seems to have energized the bulls.

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