Friday, February 11, 2011

[Video] Doug Kass, Barry Ritholtz, and Jim Lecamp Discuss the Market with Kudlow

It was fun to see old favorites Doug Kass, and Barry Ritholtz in the same TV segment, and they were joined Jim Lecamp who also generally does a very good job of providing balanced, astute commentary.  Doug is net short, and Barry is 53% cash mostly because the "only goes up" market has pushed valuations to high levels and many of his stocks hit his firm's targets.  Lecamp is trend following and has yet to see a break in the charts - which is the same theory I've been working under.  It is unshortable until it no longer is.

Poor Kass still thinks we're in some sort of normal market, and has been making "top" calls for 100 S&P points - he has not adjusted to the new reality, where every 0.2% drop in the market (however rare) is the best buying opportunity of all time.  It's a new paradigm Doug... new paradigm.  Barry outlines the conundrum anyone in these markets faces, in his opening salvo.  You will assimilate.  Speaking of which, Merger Monday is just 1 session away so expect traders to pile in ahead of the now 80% probability of a premarket surge of 0.3 to 0.4% (no matter the news) 72 hours from now.  Money in the bank 8 out of 10 Mondays a year.

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