Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[Video] Tunisian Violence and Protests Spread to Egypt

From this perch it is absolutely fascinating to watch the globe's elites gather in Davos (entrance fees for tickets >$100K) at the exact time while many of the world's poor take to the street fighting for basic necessities such as employment and foodstuffs.  What was feared last week when the people of Tunisia finally stood up to oppression and poverty [[Video] Jan 16, 2011: Tunisia - Confluence of Corruption, Unemployment, Food Shortages, Wikileaks, and Twitter]... appears to be happening as are seeing the spread of this 'people power' across the region.  Lebanon is also starting to stir although at this stage, that appears to be more of a religious conflict.  I don't know if Egypt has a central bank but if they do, I'd start quantitative easing immediately - it solves everything.

Thankfully, on our shores we have 1 in 7 Americans on foodstamps, NFL Football, and American Idol back online to keep our folks away from the streets.  Don't want to break the illusion of everything is great as long as the stock market goes up 18 out of 20 sessions, and we borrow $1.3T+ annum to keep every can kicked eternally. Bread and circus baby.

2 minute video

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