Sunday, January 2, 2011

Most Read Posts of 2010

With about 7000 posts authored in roughly 3.5 years, it is always interesting to see what is the most popular amongst readers.  Below I've listed the most visited stories in year 2010, excluding the posts along the top of the page such as "About Me" and "Fund FAQ/Pledges".

  1. [click here]  Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital - Japan Defaults or Devalues Debt in 3-4 Years; U.S. in 10-12
  2. [click here]  Ordos - China's Empty City (this post is actually from 2009 but was still a hit in '10)
  3. [click here]  Byron Wien's 10 Surprises for 2010
  4. [click here]  Zero Down Mortgages Restarted by Biggest Subprime Lender in Town - Fannie Mae
  5. [click here]  Sovereign Risk Chart - Where Would the U.S. Fit in, on Europe's Scale?
  6. [click here]  Video - Who is Sylvain Raynes and How Did He Make it on CNBC? (my nomination for 2nd funniest video in history of FMMF after the infamous Jeff Macke clip)
  7. [click here]  Charles Biderman of TrimTabs Claims U.S. Government Supporting Stock Market
  8. [click here]  His is (Way) Bigger Than Yours... One Day Trader's Office Setup
  9. [click here]  Oh My - We're Crashing (flash crash in real time!)
  10. [click here]  Jim Cramer has Lightbulb Moment - Not Paying Mortgages is Keeping Americans Spending

Other fun stats

After U.S., Canada, and U.K. the countries most visitors came from
  1. India
  2. Germany
  3. Singapore
  4. Australia
  5. Croatia! (Since inception I seem to have a random fanbase there)
  6. Hong Kong

Top cities globally
  1. NYC
  2. San Francisco
  3. Chicago
  4. L.A.
  5. London
  6. Houston
  7. Seattle
  8. Washington
  9. Atlanta
  10. Singapore (city-state)
  11. San Jose
  12. Dallas
  13. Toronto
  14. Minneapolis
  15. Austin
  16. Hong Kong
  17. San Diego
  18. Zagreb (I was hoping it would be Dubrovnik but beggars can't be choosers)

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