Monday, December 13, 2010

Top IPO Performances of 2010

Please note this data is (a) not inclusive of performance today and (b) not representative of what most retail investors (or small institutions) could receive.  It reflects the IPO price i.e. the price the big boys get in the pre public pricing... by the time some of these open up 30-40% at a price retail can get in, the majority of the move is already over.  (i.e. YOKU priced for institutions at $12.80 rather than the mid $20s print it opened at for the retail crowd - i.e. 100% gain for the big boy institutions aka "smart money") That said, it's a good list to scour over to see if there are any hidden jewels that were priced poorly, or came to market during a lull and hence did not receive the fanfare.

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hat tip Bespoke blog.

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