Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Infrastructure Stocks are Back - Fluor (FLR), Jacobs Engineering (JEC), Foster Wheeler (FWLT), Et al

This market has been very rotational as buyers move from one sector to another.  After a long period of underperformance, one area of strength the past 6 weeks has been the infrastructure stocks which were an area of emphasis back in 2007 and early 2008.  This is a group that does well mid to late cycle as they require a stable financial environment for long term projects.... hence per the 'playbook' (the same playbook that said to buy early cyclical names a year ago) [Mar 7, 2010: CBSMarketwatch - Riding the Rally, How to Money in the Bull Market's 2nd Year] this is a go to group.  The charts are showing fantastic strength across the board among the major players. 

Recent Spikes

Fluor (FLR)

Jacobs Engineering (JEC)

Foster Wheeler (FWLT)

Straight Up Without Pause Since August

Shaw Group (SGR)

McDermott (MDR)


Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI)

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[Nov 2, 2007: Time to Add to Infrastructure]

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