Monday, November 29, 2010

What are You Buying Online Today?

I read 220M Americans went shopping post Thanksgiving.  Considering the population is a bit over 300M, and excluding the infirm and toddlers, it appears I was the only able bodied adult who did not shop.  Therefore as my patriotic duty I need to buy some Chinese goods online today... but aside from a UPS Battery backup for office computer as required by (yet another regulator), I don't have any good ideas.

I want to be "all American" and the only way is to pervert a holy holiday into a shopping experience - therefore to support the Chinese middle class I need to get going. And today is supposed to be the day for slackers like me who can spend 'mad money' with 18 key strokes or less.  So let me know what you are buying; maybe I'll get an idea of something more fun than a UPS.

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