Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Videos] Bethany McLean - All the Devils are Here

Bethany McLean is the co-author (along with Joe Nocera) of a book getting great reviews as the most comprehensive overview of the financial crisis we've papered over just escaped: All the Devils are Here.  McLean is one known as one of the best business writers, being instrumental in bringing the Enron story to light via an infamous Fortune article at the beginning of the decade.  It is hard to imagine now with the benefit of hindsight but at the time Enron was the golden child of the post NASDAQ bubble crash stock market - so with a little help (prodding) from hedgie Jim Chanos, Bethany went to work.

Long story short she has the chops.  The 2 authors did a piece on the Jon Stewart show a few weeks ago but it wasn't that insightful - instead I brought over a few videos from TheStreet.com in which the very pragmatic McLean says it how it is.  When listening to her I hear much of the things I say.... I continue to be amazed that bright, insightful people can agree on so many issues this country faces but the stranglehold at the top by the business-politico cabal, does not allow for any real change.

p.s. oh where have you gone dear Stan O'Neil?  [You're Fired! Now Here is $160M to Help Ease the Pain]

Video 1

Video 2:


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