Thursday, November 4, 2010

[Video - Later] Heads up, Julian Robertson on CNBC @ 2 PM

Hedge fund legend Julian Robertson makes a CNBC appearance each fall - looks like Erin B will have an in depth interview with him in the 2 PM hour in case you are around a TV.  I'll post videos to the site when they are up.

The Sep 2009 article below is a bit hilarious now in retrospect... the U.S. has nothing to fear... the Fed can buy all debt... indeed they are set to purchase almost the entire year's upcoming deficit.

Here are the previous 3 years:

  1. [Oct 30, 2007: Julian Robertson Calling for "Doozy of a Recession"]  <----Nice call
  2. [Oct 13, 2008: Julian Robertson Buying Some of Our Names - But Bearish on Economy] <--- Nice call
  3. [Sep 24, 2009: US May Face 'Armageddon' if China, Japan Don't Buy Debt] <--- "No worries man"

EDIT (here is the video) 10 minutes

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