Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rotational Rally Moving into Stocks that Were Stars of 07

A lot of the same groups at the top of the leaderboard in late 07 and early 08 are now once again the focus as this market goes from group to group, running them up.   These sort of things were about a quarter of my portfolio back then; haven't touched any of this merchandise for at least 2 years.

We were heavy into oil service type names - this group is flying...

And infrastructure which is usually a "late cyclical" group (i.e. runs well into a recovery)

While I am interested now due to excellent charts, it is so difficult to just chase in after these after such moves...

The other group all over the 52 week high list is "oil exploration" - I hate buying individual names in this group since they act so random, but here is an ETF that has a good sampling of names.

But there are probably 25 charts I can pull up in the group that looks like this...and oil has not even really broke out yet:

No positions


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