Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bookkeeping: Short Equinix (EQIX) and Lender Processing Services (LPS)

Preface:  Please note all attempts at shorting other than Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) and Prudential (PRU) the past 2 months, have been met with laughter and derision by mother market (or father Ben if you will).  I enter these trade, as any short position in the risk-less market with assumption of loss.

Equinix (EQIX) set the cloud computing space on fire (in a bad way) about a month ago on a revenue warning.  It reported last week and there was a bit of a relief rally in the name.  I am desperate to find anything short-able with a decent risk reward, so these are the best I could find; the pickings are very slim.  Haven't put on a single short since I covered PRU Oct 22nd.

I am shorting a 2.8% exposure, just under $85.20, which is just below the 50 day moving average.  Any move above that level based on excellent reasons such as "my gosh the GOP won lots of seats, time to run premarket up 1.1% and take every stock up with it"  or "news flash! We got QE2" will have me out.  My stop loss will be very tight but of course any 'gap up' move will stick me with the opening price.

Lender Processing Services (LPS) is a name I am not that familiar with, but the name gives away what sector it works in.  The key things from my end are it reported last week so binary risk is out of the way, and it rallied back to resistance.  Identical set up to EQIX in terms of the 50 day moving average - either it moves above it and I am out, or it falls and I might make a sheckle shorting something.  I put on a 2.1% exposure.

Three other candidates I could have chosen... essentially I went for the larger caps, but it was throw a dart.  If I can find decent entries in any new names on the long side, I'll consider throwing some of the 3 below on the short side to hedge the exposure.  But I've already given myself 5% additional soon to be losses exposure, and anything more is playing kamikaze as Bernanke has shoulder mounted weapons aimed at the bear kind.

Short Equinix, Lender Processing Services in fund and expecting losses; no personal position


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