Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Touch of Irony

Well, thus far QE2 is a dud... 0 for 3.  NY Governor Dudley again explicitly said they are manipulating markets... where in the Fed charter is that?  In so many words ... we are taking $600B of Treasuries out of the marketplace, and with that money people can go into riskier assets.

Wow... just wow.

And when those risk assets blow up and conservative investors who are were in bonds are taken to the cleaners?  Oh well... the Fed is just doing its just creating bubbles every 5-6 years (or in this case 2-3)


Anyhow, I said last Thursday when I bought Men's Warehouse (MW), my purchase of such a company - with little revenue growth, negative same store sales, and based only on a chart was a mark of a top.  The "Men's Warehouse top".

I have one stock up in the portfolio today.  The name?

Men's Warehouse.


Long Men's Warehouse; and a Congressional move to limit the Fed's mandate to price stability and nothing else; no personal position


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