Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Video] Godfather of BRIC Nomenclature, Jim O'Neil, Interviewed on CNBC

I thought the line of questioning in this morning's interview with Goldman's Jim O'Neil [Jan 22, 2010: - How the BRIC was Born]  was simplistic at best, but still thought worthwhile to share with those that are interested.  It felt at the end of the clip that O'Neil was looking around in a bit of exasperation wondering "is that it?... ok then, I'll be on my way I suppose."  Sometimes All the time, I really wish they'd bring the hosts over from CNBC Europe or CNBC Asia to conduct any sophisticated line of questioning.  The U.S. version feels dumbed down.... maybe that's symbolic.

O'Neill talks up what he sees in the next 5 years for BRIC (most of the conversation centers on China), the "next 11" (including Indonesia), and the currency issues developing amongst countries.

7 minute video - email readers will need to come to site to view

  [Mar 16, 2009: BeSpoke - BRIC Country Return 1 Year and 10 Year versus USA]

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