Saturday, October 9, 2010

[Video] CNBC's Tim Seymour & Team: The Prospects of Indonesia

While early on the Indonesia case, my refusal to chase the ETF I highlighted a long time ago has cost dearly.  This has been one of the (if not THE) hottest market on the planet the past year and a half.  The dips are quick and violent but never seem to come to an area I have a limit order waiting so instead of Indonesian exposure, I have empty hands.  (I missed on a limit order in May 2010 by about 50 cents)   From when first highlighted in May 09, ETF IDX has rallied 175%!  However, at this point, the country is probably getting expensive as developed world's central banker's money had flooded in - so we'll see how this ends.  Eventually these developing markets suffer some sharp corrections, but the next time around I'll be waiting.  I've renamed BRIC to iBRIC, as Indonesia definitely appears to deserve similar billing as the 4 horsemen.

As an aside, there is now a 2nd Indonesian ETF, this from iShares (symbol EIDO) so now 2 viable options to invest - I have not done a compare and contrast yet but both have similar expense ratios of under 0.7%.

7 minute video

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