Friday, October 1, 2010

Mutual Fund Update

Received a lot of email of late looking for updates on fund launch.

Some quick comments:
Prospectus being worked on and should be done in next week...if done by end of next week goes to SEC for review and launch should be 45 to 60 days hence.
Advisory firm has been created.
Small office secured.
Fund name created (will release as we get closer to launch)
Trustees (oversight) secured.

Once paperwork mess is into SEC will be working on mechanics i.e. computer systems, brokerages, compliance, and other numbing details.  So a multitude of things will need to be done in that 45 to 60 day window.

Work on new website begins in 2 to 3 weeks...that will be the fund family website.

So that is the workload for Oct and part of November... I will still be *here* for most of that and probably mid to late November transition to new site upon launch.

As for brokerages not named Etrade Ameritrade or Scottrade I have asked about each brokerage a reader has asked if the fund will be available in and do not have answers yet...lots of moving parts and apparently there were quite a few changes after the financial crisis...i.e, Wells Fargo not accepting small fry like me anymore etc.  So I did not forget...just dont have an answer for the 8 to 10 other brokers.  When I get the answers I will post it here.

Any other questions let me know and thanks for your extreme patience...a long journey.

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