Thursday, October 14, 2010

Google (GOOG) Wins

It was all a dream Bobby Ewing!

Everything is almost back to fall 2007... banks getting crushed, but the rest of the market ignoring it as it races to new highs.  :) All we need is some food riots in smaller Asian countries and we're in a Memorex moment.  Oh memories....  Google (GOOG) is even back to its old ways, up 7% in after hours on an earnings report that pleased.
  • The online search and advertising giant said it earned $7.64 a share excluding one-time items in the third quarter, against $5.89 a share last year.  Net revenue excluding traffic-acquisition costs for the most recent period rose to $5.5 billion, from $4.385 billion a year ago.
  • Equity analysts who follow Google expected the company to turn in a profit of $6.69 a share on sales of $5.27 billion 

Here is a "gap fill" in the opposite direction (upside) - see April 2010

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