Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bookkeeping: Short Whirlpool (WHR)

I am try trying again with a short of Whirlpool (WHR) - I was stopped out on that break over the 200 day but thus far it looks like a head fake.  The computers took the price right over that key level to shake out all the stops and then took the stock back down.   I am shorting a 2.4% exposure near mid $81s.  Now that the game is obvious, a stop loss can be placed over the intraday highs of the past 2 days (around $83.70), rather than just above the 200 day moving average.   Frankly if my "berth" for the stop loss had been just a tad wider the last time around, I would have been ok in retrospect.

Short Whirlpool in fund; no personal position


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