Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bookkeeping: Restarting Baidu (BIDU)

I am struggling mightily to find any sensible entry points as I force myself to buy something to fill up the long side of the ledger.  All of my favorite names either had a massive September and are overextended or were crunched in the past week and a half and their charts look troublesome.   Finding new names who are not iterations away from any meaningful support, within a good chart, is very difficult.   In the past when I found it so difficult to find new ideas, it marked a near term top, but we are not living in typical conditions anymore.

With that I am forcing myself back into Baidu (BIDU) which has a similar setup to Rovi... a nice run, and a light pullback to the 20 day moving average where it has settled for a few days.  The company should be reporting in a few weeks so I'll cut back before then but for now I threw a 2% exposure on the table to re-open the position.

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Long Baidu.com in fund; no personal position


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