Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Video] Tibco Software (TIBX) on CNBC Fast Money Half Time Show

A lot of our portfolio names are starting to get attention.  A few weeks ago the CEO of F5 Networks was highlighted, last week I saw Acme Packet CEO show up, and yesterday Tibco Software's (TIBX) CEO made an appearance.  I actually prefer my names to be out of the spotlight of the 'retail crowd' to avoid the 'momo' crowd but judging from the charts, the institutional momo crowd has many of our names firmly in hand.  Which is going to make them much more dangerous type of stocks to hold into earnings in October as expectations are going through the roof.  It's one thing if the name is Salesforce.com which is already well know, but when Tibco (who almost no one has heard of) starts getting pumped by Wall Street, it starts raising yellow and red flags.

4 minute video

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Long Tibco Software, F5 Networks, Salesforce.com, Acme Packet in fund; no personal position

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