Monday, September 13, 2010

Bookkeeping: Sold a Good Part of Spreadtrum Communications (SPRD)

"Captain... it's froth! Surrounding us.  We'll need hyper speed to reach escape velocity!  Only the cloud can save us... anything cloud is our savior."

My gosh... Friday I bought some Spreadtrum Communications (SPRD) as it came back to support near $11.  Threw on a $12.20 sell limit order today just for kicks... and it has executed.   Darnit, I knew I should of put half the fund's assets into SPRD last week ;) ...  oh well, gained 10% in 1 market day on what I had.  Not going to turn that down... that annualizes to... err 2500%.

Ah this brings back memories of 1999 when you could do this trade 8 out of every 10 days.... I was a genius back then... pure genius.  Then I got 2000'd!

It feels like a feeding frenzy in the same 30-35 names or so right now...anything 6 degree of cloud by decree must go up 3-5% every day.

Let me remind readers I am turning myself into a cloud... I want to value myself at 4x more than I did yesterday.


Long Spreadtrum Communications in fund; no personal position


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