Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bookkeeping: Selling 30% of (AMZN) as Whispers Surface of Netflix (NFLX) Competition

In the market that makes no sense, Netflix (NFLX) announces an agreement with Apple (AAPL)... and then stories surface of (AMZN) an creating a Netflix streaming competitor.  But as long as Chinese PMI and US ISM is positive, who cares... everyone can win (both stocks rally!) just like in the late 90s when the internet was big enough for everyone to win.  First grade logic continues to rule.  Can't wait until Google (GOOG) enters the fray - then Amazon and Netflix can both rally in the "stoopid" market because who doesn't like more competition?

I am selling 30% of which somehow became my largest position over time - mostly because I took profits elsewhere over time.  Technically its a 'breakout' but already in just 2 sessions is close to being overbought.

Via Reuters:
  • Inc has approached media companies with a proposal for a subscription service that gives users unlimited access to some television shows and movies over the Internet in a bid to rival Netflix Inc, two people familiar with the talks said on Tuesday.  The Seattle-based online retailer has approached media companies including Time Warner Inc, CBS Corp and Viacom Inc, these people say.
  • An Amazon subscription service would likely be similar to Netflix's online streaming service which works in tandem with its DVD rental business.

Long Netflix, in fund; no personal position

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