Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bookkeeping: Selling 20% of BorgWarner (BWA) & 66% of DB Double Long Gold (DGP)

I am selling 20% of BorgWarner (BWA).  This has been an excellent core + trading stock; last purchase was in the $46 area September 8th; now it is in the $53s just three weeks later.  Hard to take any credit because if you throw a dart using your local zoo's monkey to choose stocks you are making money, so who knows how much of the move is due to the company itself and how much due to the rising tide.

I'll spare you talk of overbought, insane, ridiculous or other such comments.

I am selling 2/3rds of Double Long DB Double Long Gold (DGP) - there is no fundamental reason to sell it as central banks are out of control.  Technically... well see comments above - I'll spare you talk of overbought, insane, ridiculous, etc.

Long BorgWarner; DB Double Long Gold in fund; no personal position


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