Friday, September 17, 2010

Bookkeeping: Cutting Back Rovi (ROVI) by 55%

Rovi (ROVI) is starting to develop some troubling technical action so as a precautionary action I am going to cut back the position by 55% and wait to see if it can recover some support levels it has broken intraday.  If it cannot get back over quickly (i.e early next week) it is a candidate to be booted.  By cutting back here my exposure to further losses will be limited in case it continues this recent trend down and/or (excuse the blasphemy) the overall stock market has a down day.

If you are wondering what happened in the market, consumer confidence (Univ of Michigan survey - hence 110% accurate) came in at 66, a 12 month low.   This tells the tale of 2 America's - but the stock market America is the one focused on the multinational masters of the universe with ever more powerful lobbying force and ever shrinking U.S. workforce.  At least in the S&P 500 type of companies.  I keep repeating it until blue in the face - see Fedex yesterday... doubling of profits, and another 1700 soon to be former middle class stepping on college grads with BAs for that job at Burger King.  But whatever the case, this consumer confidence will be forgotten by Monday morning so please buy stocks with both hands because as long as China is buying copper, all is well in the world.  (err, Shanghai just broke down below the 50 day moving average the past 2 days)

Editor's note: Mark tends to get very snarky when the market goes in the same direction for 821, 217 out of 821,219 days.

Long Rovi in fund; no personal position


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